A. Nature

1.   The Carmelite Missionaries Youth (CMY) is an association of young people promoted by the Carmelite Missionaries of the Fr. Francisco Palau Province.

2.   The Carmelite Missionaries Youth – Philippines is a member of the Federation of National Youth Organizations (FNYO) under the Episcopal Commission on Youth of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines.

B. Mission

3.   The Carmelite Missionaries Youth of the Philippines commits to live a Eucharistic life, serve, lead, and inspire the youth of today.

C. Vision

4.   The Carmelite Missionaries Youth- Philippines envisions more committed members who have deep spiritual life rooted in Christ; dedicated and empowered youth leaders able to evangelize and form new leaders in the Church, stable existing chapters, new organized chapters and active involvement in the local,  regional, national and international youth events.

D. Objectives

5. The Carmelite Missionaries Youth – Philippines aims to:

5.1 deepen the spiritual life of each member that is centered in Christ;

5.2 imbibe the Palautian Charismatic identity;

5.3 formulate and implement holistic ongoing formation programs;

5.4 train youth mentors who can facilitate the CMY ongoing formation;

5.5 invite aspiring members and form new CMY chapters;

5.6 establish linkages in the parish, diocese and other youth organizations;

5.7 participate and collaborate in local, regional, national and international youth

E. Identity

6. The Carmelite Missionaries Youth – Philippines has the following profile:

          • Christ-centered
          • Faithful to the Eucharist and lover of prayer
          • Devotee of Mary, the Mother of Jesus
          • Knowledgeable of the life and teachings of Fr. Francisco Palau and the Carmelite Saints, models and guides in following Jesus
          • Mission-oriented
          • Evangelizer
          • Lover of the Church and sharer of the gift of Communion
          • Steward of the Common Home
          • Youth Leader
          • Gifted
          • Virtuous
          • Passionate Servant