“It is God’s will that a religious institute be established which pursues the perfection proposed by the Rule given to Carmel by Albert, Patriarch of Jerusalem and reformed by our holy Mother Sta. Teresa.  It is the will of God, of Sta. Teresa and of the people that teaching and activity be combined with the perfection of contemplative life so that while distinguishing clearly between the two, they are untied closely to meet the needs of the Church.”  

– Letter 92

In the beginning, the sisters responded to the needs of the Spanish people in health and education, contributing to the rebuilding of the nation after the destructive effects of the revolution. But they did not stay within the confines of Spain. Fifty years later, in 1910, they sailed to Argentina, implanting their roots in South American soil. This foundation opened the door for the spread of the CM foundations all over South America.

Later, they extended their branches to other European countries, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

Today, the Carmelite Missionaries are spread out over five continents. It is present in 39 countries, with 239 communities and 1,707 sisters.